URL Shortener

With the development of web generators and webmaster support tools, URLs have begun to grow more and more. Today, remembering the URL address leading to an article is almost impossible. No wonder that clever IT-specialists have created ways to shorten such addresses. Typically, these are websites that allow you to generate short URL. We call them URL Shorteners.

Short Links or SMS or Social Media

URL shortening is not only useful when you want to remember it. There are many cases where we may need a tiny URL. For example, if we want to send a link via SMS or post it on Social Media, the number of characters in a single message counts. Sometimes a long message can cost us more. In addition, the long address often reveals too early what the link leads to. If you look at the address en.wikipedia.org/wiki/URL_shortening we can guess what the article is about. URL Shortener can help hide this message when shortening the address. Using the Cutt.ly website, we get the address: cutt.ly/4zpA. Such a link is much easier to use in an SMS or in a Social Media entry.

Not only shortening of URL

Currently, there are many websites in the world offering shortening of URL addresses. However, the best of them offer us something more. It happens that these options are available after creating an account and logging in.

For example: in Cutt.ly, we can not only shorten the URL, but also create a QR code from the link. QR codes can be very useful in the case of advertising in print. The code read by the smartphone redirects the user to the website indicated by us.

An additional useful function of CC is a set of tools used to analyze everything that happens with the links created by us. Thanks to this, we can observe how the link handles on blogs or social media and what traffic it generates.

As you can see, Link Shortener can be used in many ways. All these methods help those who run portals, blogs or social media websites. However, it can be used by anyone, even in everyday communication.